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Grief Counseling Services

  • Due to the Death of a Loved One
  • Disenfranchised Grief*
  • Anticipatory Grief*
  • Pet Loss

*Disenfranchised Grief DefinedGrief experienced that is unrecognized or unaccepted by others; either others don't believe you have the right to be upset or don't believe there is reason to be as upset as you are. 

  • Your loss isn't a person
  • Society or family members did not approve of the relationship
  • Society or family members were not aware of the relationship
  • The circumstances of the death are not supported by others
  • You are grieving differently than people expect

*Anticipatory  Grief DefinedGrief experienced when the death of a loved one is expected.  Anticipatory grief may be similar to grief experienced after the death of a loved one but as in unanticipated grief, the experience is as unique as 
                                                        the individual experiencing it.

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